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The next thing we will go over is editing call groups.  As you recall, when we go to users (at top, in menu bar), we already have some call groups set up here.

Once we add a user, it will ask us to add a call group for that user. So we will go here to manage call group, video call group. This is where we’ll make changes to the directory, such as adding phone numbers, changing who is contacted at which point.

Once we come here to Manage Call group (at top in menu bar), and then we’re in video call group.

We can actually use the display name and search whatever name we’d like to search for there.

We are going to use Smith Jones, and we will edit that call group.  This will be what we’ll show in the directory (the Display Name).

We’ll do edit call group (to the far right of the Display Name).  We have the display name here.

If we need to make changes to that, we can do so.

We don’t need to necessarily add an address here if you’d like to do so you can.  Adding the Device, this is just in reference to the gate itself. This will tell you what gate the user will show up on.

If you have multiple devices, then you may have multiple gates that you can choose from or devices that you can have that display name show.

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