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The next thing we’ll discuss is editing a user. Let’s say we need to change an email address. Let’s actually go into the user we’ve created (called Test Name). We’re going to click here (at the very top menu) “users.”  We’re going to hit “manage users.” It will take us to this screen.  We’ll go ahead and select “test name.”

And if we need to make any changes, this is where we can make changes.  You can make changes to the user’s first name, last name, their email address.  when you change the email address, this is their username.  When you change the username, you hit “edit.”

It will require you to put in a password.  You can use whatever password you like, because you’ll send the resident a password reset link so they can set their own password.

If we need to make changes to their code, we can come down here to Access Method, we can delete the code.  And we can also add a new access code.

And we can also add additional items such as a R-F-I-D card clicker.  If we happen to have any card clickers on file In inventory, we can select “yes” (use an existing RFID/Card Clicker) and it’ll allow us to select from inventory.

If we do not, then this (use and existing RFID/Card Clicker) will not highlight, we will not be able to select yes and we’ll just select the type of device access card.  We’ll need its five digit code.

And the system’s going check for us, then we hit add.

If for some reason we need to change the user group or role, we can do so here as well.

By selecting the dropdown here (under User Group), we can change it to an admin.  We’ll go ahead and select “admin.”

And then it gives us the option of the type of admins that we can select from here.

We’ll just say “account admin” and hit apply.

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