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U320 4-Door Controller

The U320 is an ideal cellular access control solution when voice or video communication are not a necessary part of your security/entry control needs.

With a variety of actuation options and integration of up to 4 external cameras, the U320 is an ideal security option for many properties and budgets.

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Key Features

Verizon & AT&T Networks

Works on the largest cellular LTE networks in America

Supports Up to 4 Doors

Up to 4 doors can be controlled per system

Wiegand Reader Compatible

Works with any 26-bit Wiegand reader

Multiple Inputs

Access codes, HID cards, RFID, fobs/clickers, CellGate app and schedules can be used to grant entry

Integrated External Cameras

Up to 4 external cameras per system plus access control

Expansion Capability

Multi-Wiegand expansion capability

Product Features & Benefits


Hardware Dimensions: 15” height, 12” width, 6” depth.

Electronics box is a NEMA 3 steel enclosure.

Includes one Wiegand 26-bit input.

Ideal for pedestrian gates, card readers, keypads or wireless remotes.

10,000 locally stored access codea and 65,000 total access codes.

Every visitor can be provided their own unique access code.

(Optional) Up to 4 external cameras to capture views at entry points.

Allows property owner to capture visitor photos, vehicle details, etc.

(Optional) Solar power kit available.

Allows for use in environments where traditional electric power is n/a.

Open/close a gate or door remotely, set up a hold open period and take photos from external cameras on demand—all from the CellGate app.

Better security, ultimate convenience. The system can be controlled from anywhere.

Gate/door sensors notify you if it has been left open longer than 3 minutes (prop open notification).

Better security, gates/doors cannot be left open inadvertently.

CellGate app works on both iOS and Android smart phones.

Works with majority of smart phones.

Push notifications can be sent to designated users on all access attempts (if desired).

Better security, know instantly who came/went on the property, and when.

Entire system can be managed through TrueCloud Connect™, hosted by Microsoft Azure.

Simple, robust administration.  New users, call trees, access codes, scheduled openings/closures, photos, and access attempt time & date details can all be set up and reviewed via TrueCloud Connect™.  

Event logs of all transactions plus photos from integrated cameras are recorded and stored in TrueCloud.

Allows for review of who came and went, and when, including stored photos taken by any integrated cameras.

Multiple locations can be managed via a single login.

Simple administration of multiple properties.

Works on Verizon and AT&T LTE cellular networks.

Cellgate is the ONLY cellular access control company whose products can work on Verizon; AT&T and Verizon are the two largest cellular LTE networks in the U.S.

Monthly recurring service charge.

Includes cost for all data usage/storage, including video, photos and access credentials; utilization of TrueCloud Connect for administration; and CellGate App functionality.

UNIFY U320 System Enhancements

Providing Complete Property Security

Optional Additional Cameras

Optional cameras can be added to show a different angle/view of visitors and their vehicles.

Additional Product Features

  • Hardware mounting choices
  • Solar kit
  • Directional antenna