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Single Family

Know Who Is on Your Property and When

When giving access to service personnel like: the pool man or your lawn care crew, the typical solution is to provide a factory programmed access code, such as “1234,” to everyone. Unfortunately, this code is rarely changed by the owner, and it gets passed on to other people without your knowledge.  This provides no visibility of who used that code or when.  CellGate’s gate access control systems have features that elevate your property’s security beyond “1234”.

With a Watchman solution, TrueCloud Connect can provide anyone their own unique access code.  All uses of that code are logged/tracked, and photos can be taken every time the code is used.  Property = fully secured.


These Are the Products Chosen Most Frequently for Single-Family Properties:

With a Watchman gate access control system for your single family residence, you can:

  • Live Streaming Video.  Receive live streaming video of visitors requesting access (most models).
  • Limit Property Access. Customize access codes to limit property access by date range, day of week, time of day, and even by the number of uses.
  • Receive Alerts. Set alerts for email, text or phone notification each time the property is accessed.
  • See Visitors. Receive real-time photos of visitors to your phone or email (with camera or video products).
  • View Historical Logs. View historical property access records including time/date, access code used, photos (on products with cameras), and the caller ID of any phone used.

TrueCloud Connect: Conecting Users, Properties, & Solutions

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