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The next thing we are going to discuss is adding restrictions. So we will start from the users here (at the menu bar at the very top).  We’ll go ahead and select this one right here (Test123).  And we will add a restriction here.

So once we’ve gone in and we’ve selected the user’s profile, we will come down here to restrictions (near bottom of screen) and if we want the user to have access to each gate.

For this particular instance, we have only one gate, so we’re going to say yes here (access to all properties/install locations).

And then for adding restriction, it would be no, but we’ll go ahead and select yes to add the restriction.

So we will select the highlighted area here, which says add restriction (in properties/install locations list).

We will select the time that we want that code or this user to be able to access the community.

We say we want to allow access Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  The timeframe, will be 12:00 PM to 11:59 PM, then we’ll hit add schedule.  This will highlight in green for us when the particular user is able to access the community. Hit save.

It’s going to ask us if we want a preset (name).  If we plan on using this particular restriction for another user or another group, then we can set a preset name. If we choose to not use it, it’s a onetime restriction for this user.

Then we’ll go ahead and hit Skip and that will create the restriction for that user.

If we need to go in and delete a restriction, we’ll come back to the user and we will just click on the trashcan icon here (under Access to all properties/install locations).

We will say, okay, and that’s going to remove the restriction for us.

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