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Optional Additional Cameras

Watchman and UNIFY Compatible External Camera Options:

Cellgate has 4 external cameras to choose from that will integrate with any Watchman or Unify access control system. The number of external cameras that can be added per system depends on the specific Watchman or Unify product chosen. All cameras include a 32GB SD card for video storage on the camera.  Videos are also accessible via CellGate technical support.

The CAM-293 mini bullet 4mm Fixed Focus Camera 

ideal for basic, general coverage views at an access point

The CAM-296 mini bullet 2.8mm-12mm Varifocal Camera

provides an adjustable coverage view at an access point

The CAM-299 pro bullet 5-64mm Varifocal Camera

adjustable for custom or general views

The CAM-292 pro dome 3-10.5mm Varifocal Camera

Provides overhead adjustable coverage views at an access point

Integrated external camera(s) are ideal for increased security at key entry points on a property, as they allow for the capturing of:
  • Additional views of visitors
  • License plate details
  • General vehicle information
  • Specific property zones

Selecting the appropriate external camera depends on several factors, including mounting options, the need for a fixed or varifocal lens, and the desired camera focus area for a user’s application. We recommend determining the ideal view(s) you would like to have to enhance your property security, and working with a CellGate security specialist to determine the best external camera option to capture those view(s).

All photos taken from external cameras are stored on the TrueCloud Connect™ web portal and can also be viewed and taken on demand from the smart phone app.

Images Taken from External Cameras

Example of photos taken from a CAM-293

Example of photo taken from a CAM-293

Example of license plate capture day from a varifocal CAM 295

Example of license plate capture night from a varifocal CAM 296