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Farm & Ranch

Farm & Ranch

Control Entry & Monitor Your Farm/Ranch From Anywhere

CellGate’s Total Property Wireless Access solutions utilize cellular or internet technologies to deliver telephone entry, visitor management and access control to your farm or ranch — that can be controlled from virtually anywhere.

Assign custom access codes to visitors, receive telephone or streaming video calls when someone requests access, and get text notifications when someone enters/leaves the property. All access attempts are logged with the time and date a visitor was on your property, access code used, photo of the visitor, and the phone number used to allow entry.  Web-based TrueCloud Connect and the CellGate app both can open/close a gate on demand, give you gate status, and can set up hold open schedules.  Because Watchman systems can be powered by solar or AC power, they work almost anywhere.

Depending on the size of your property, and the availability of power at each entry point (or lack thereof), other entry points can be controlled using an OmniPoint® wireless access control system, a WXP Expansion system or U320.

These Are the Products Chosen Most Frequently for Farms & Ranches

Total Property Wireless Access

A Combined Watchman/OmniPoint® Solution

Watchman video telephone entry, access control and visitor management combined with OmniPoint’s wireless multi-point access control provides a complete security solution for farms & ranches of all sizes.

How We Use Our CellGate System

“We’ve assigned individual codes to different businesses, specific codes for an oil company and other codes for a feed company. We’ve also assigned codes to different service people, such as the exterminator and the plumber. Some of these codes are long-term and some of them are short-term. It’s easy to activate and deactivate the codes to control access. The online log allows me to see if someone tries to use a code that i have deactivated, which is a signal of unauthorized use.”

– Dale F., CellGate Customer

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