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This video provides detailed instructions on how property managers using a CellGate multi-family access control system can add residents or employees to call groups and property directories within TrueCloud Connect.  TrueCloud Connect is CellGate’s proprietary back-end architecture that manages all data flow between product hardware, the internet, cellular networks, landline phones, smartphone apps, and the administrative web portal. Importing users into call groups is an efficient way to manage large numbers of users, ensuring they are correctly assigned for access and communication purposes.

Importing Residents/Employees into Call Groups

  1. Log In to TrueCloud Connect: Use your login credentials to access the dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Manage Call Groups: Click on “Manage Call Groups” at the top of the screen in the main menu to access the call group management section.
  3. Import Users:
    • Select Import Function: Click on “Import Voice/Video Call Group” to begin the import process.
    • Choose the File: Click on “Choose File” next to the Import File section and select the spreadsheet file containing the user data you wish to import.
    • Start Import: Click on “Start Import” and confirm by clicking “OK.”
  4. Handle Import Errors:
    • Download Error Log: If there are any errors, click on the blue link that says “Download Error Log.”
    • Correct Errors: Open the error log, enable editing, and make the necessary corrections (e.g., correcting email addresses).
    • Re-import Corrected File: Save the corrected file, return to the import section, and re-upload the corrected file by clicking “Choose File,” selecting the corrected file, and clicking “Start Import” again.
  5. Email Notification:
    • Enter Administrator Email: Provide the property administrator’s email address to receive the import confirmation and error log.
    • Confirm Import: Click “Import Now” to finalize the process.

Benefits of Importing Users into Call Groups

  • Efficiency: Quickly add multiple users to call groups, saving time and effort.
  • Accuracy: Ensure that user data is correctly entered and organized within the system.
  • Convenience: Manage large numbers of users with ease, streamlining the setup process for new properties or updates.


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