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This video provides detailed instructions on how a Watchman product owner can trigger the Watchman camera to capture photos of visitors at your gate using the TrueCloud Connect dashboard. TrueCloud Connect™ is CellGate’s proprietary back-end architecture that manages all data flow between product hardware, the internet, cellular networks, landline phones, smartphone apps, and the administrative web portal. Using the camera functionality is essential for maintaining visual records and enhancing security by allowing real-time monitoring of visitors at the gate.

  1. Log In to TrueCloud Connect: Use your login credentials to access the dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Gate: Find the name of the desired gate that you wish to trigger the camera for.
  3. Take a Photo:
    • Internal Camera: Select the blue “Take Picture” button associated with the internal camera on the Watchman device. This will immediately activate the internal camera and capture a photo of the visitor at the gate.
    • External Cameras: If you have external cameras installed, ensure they are properly positioned. Select the corresponding “Take Picture” button for the external camera you wish to activate. This will capture a photo from the external camera. View External Camera Brochure
    • Ensure all cameras are positioned correctly to get clear images of the visitor. External cameras are particularly useful for capturing license plates and other details from a distance.

Benefits of Camera Functionality

  • Enhanced Security: Capturing photos of visitors provides a visual log, enhancing security by allowing you to verify identities.
  • Visitor Records: Maintain a photographic record of all entries, which is useful for reviewing past visits and for security audits.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Instant photo capture allows for real-time monitoring of visitors, providing immediate visual confirmation.
  • Detailed Capture: External cameras are ideal for capturing license plates and other critical details, especially at night or from a distance, thanks to features like IR illumination and motion activation.


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