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Next, we will go over groups (at top of menu bar).  As you can see here (groups), we have our admin, resident/employee, visitor, and no Access.  We’ll go ahead and select the plus sign next to admin.

And as you can see here, we do have the ability to add, virtual keys.  And we have a settings option here (blue button on the far right).  Let’s say we want to go ahead and give account admins access to create virtual keys or QR codes.

We can go ahead and select “edit virtual key settings,” And we have two options here: we have an individual key, which is specifically used for individuals where we don’t necessarily have to have restrictions on these.  And then you have your temporary event keys, which would actually be used if you have a party or a large group that needs access and you want to provide a virtual key, you have the ability to do that.

Virtual keys can be scheduled up to seven days in advance, and you do have the option to have those virtual keys used for up to seven days. And you can also put restrictions on those virtual keys as well.

For your individual keys, you don’t necessarily have to have a restriction on those. So we’ll hit save.

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