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W462 Video Intercom


The CR-KEYPAD has a polished, contempary aesthetic, and is built with tempered glass and an aluminum alloy frame.

It comes with a touch keypad and a proximity sensor for key card access, supporting both 125kHz and encrypted 13.56MHz DESFire® EV3 credentials.

It also easily integrates with existing 26-bit Wiegand credentials.

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Key Features

125kHz & Encrypted 13.56Mhz DESFire® EV3

Provides enhanced security through high-frequency smart card encryption

RFID Entry Enabled

Allows for user-friendly, touchless entry

Keypad Entry Enabled

Unlock doors via touch keypad with numeric access codes

IP65 Rated

Suitable for most outdoor uses in various weather conditions

26-bit Wiegand Compatible

Works with most available access control credentials

Product Features & Benefits


Elegant Square Design

The CR-KEYPAD features a sleek aluminum alloy frame with toughened glass, ideal for modern building aesthetics.  Dimensions: 86mm x 86mm x 33mm.

Integrated 2-in-1 Reader

Combines both touch numeric keypad with an RFID card reader for a comprehensive access control solution.

Simple Installation

This reader is double-gang mounted for simple installation.

Dual RFID Frequency

Equipped with a multi-frequency RFID reader that supports both encrypted13.56MHz (DESFire® EV3) and 125kHz cards.

Robust Physical Construction

IP65-rated for dust and water resistance and IK07-rated for impact resistance, ensuring durability in harsh conditions.

Temperature and Humidity Resilient

Operates effectively within a temperature range of -20°C to +55°C and humidity of 10% to 90%, non-condensing.

Secure and Tamper-proof

Includes an alarm that alerts against physical tampering.

The CellGate app can be used to control all CellGate products.



CR-Keypad can be managed via TrueCloud Connect.

New users, access with time/date restrictions, alerts/notifications and access log time & date details can all be set up/reviewed via TrueCloud Connect.

Notifications can be sent via text or email regarding access attempts at specific entry points or by certain users.

Know instantly who utilized an entry point, and when.

Prop open notification: gate/door sensor notifies designated user(s) if gate/door has been left open longer than 3 minutes.

Gates and doors cannot be left open inadvertently.

Multiple user tier levels available for varied user and administration management needs.

Allows the administrator to provide only the system functionality each designated user really needs.

Mass import of user and credential data.

Makes initial user setup simple.

Multiple locations can be managed via a single login.

Simple administration of multiple properties.

TrueCloud Connect integrates with RealPage property management software, facilitating provisioning of all CellGate products without dual entry.

Works on Verizon and AT&T LTE cellular networks or via hardwired internet.

AT&T and Verizon are the two largest cellular LTE networks in the U.S.
Hardwired internet option allows for utilization of existing internet infrastructure, minimizing recurring costs.

Monthly recurring service charge.

Allows ongoing utilization of the CellGate app, TrueCloud Connect, storage of all access transactions and access control data transmissions via cellular or internet.

CellGate Readers

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