(855) 694-2837 | (972) 231-1999

The next thing we’ll talk about is app calls.  So if we were to go to the gate and select Smith Jones (in the Display Name) on the call box, the call box will first attempt to access the resident via the app.

As you can see here, we have two different users here (under Cellgate app calls, first called).

When the name Smith Jones is selected, these two users will be contacted simultaneously for 30 seconds via the Cell Gate mobile Connect app.

If they do not answer that call within 30 seconds, if there were names listed here (shows names under “Second Called”, it would roll over and contact these users.

If there are no names listed there, then it would come through as an actual phone call from (972) 231-1999. At which point you’ll be prompted to press one to connect the call.  To allow access, you’ll press star.

If there is no phone number listed here (under Telephone Entry calls), then once the app call is completed or not answered, then that will end the visitor call.

So we always want to make sure that once we add those residents to the system that we’re coming back

to the call group to add the phone numbers there to make sure that that resident or user does not miss an app call or a visitor call with the phone number.  We’ll hit save all and that’ll save the changes.

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