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About Us

Focused on Wireless Technology From Day One

In 2006 CellGate founder, Noel Gouldin, could see the growing importance of cellular technology in people’s everyday lives.  Envisioning that it would likely grow dramatically in the coming decades, Gouldin began to research how cellular technology could be used to improve on the stagnant landline-centric technology being utilized at the time for the telephone entry and access control markets.

Unlike most companies in today’s access control market, CellGate never created wired access control products.  They have been focused on wireless technology from day one, and this unique perspective and long-time experience has been one of their many Company’s competitive advantages in the wireless access control marketplace.

Our History

CellGate has continuously focused on expanding its product lines with cutting-edge technology,
and growing its market share in the access control industry with its first-to-market strategy and superior products.

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