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Keeping Everyone Safe

With spread-out campuses, multiple buildings/entrances and hundreds of people coming and going daily — school safety is a complex challenge. CellGate’s Total Property Wireless Access solutions are the best choice for keeping students and faculty safe — by providing long range wireless access control and monitoring solutions at entry points, sending notifications for door status changes like an unlocked or propped open door, and remote administration via TrueCloud Connect™ and/or the CellGate app.

These Are the Products Chosen Most Frequently for Schools and Campuses:

Total Property Wireless Access

A Combined Watchman/OmniPoint® Solution

Watchman video telephone entry, access control and visitor management combined with OmniPoint’s wireless multi-point access control is a complete solution for campuses of all sizes.

With a CellGate Campus Property Solution You Can Have:

  • A single access control solution that can combine vehicle entry, pedestrian gate and internal door access requirements
  • Long range access control that can secure exterior and interior areas
  • Open/closed door schedules per door
  • Access control on every door if needed, or simply monitor a door’s status
  • Records of activity at every door
  • 1500 directory listings per system
  • Virtual Key visitor management
  • SmartScreen call management
  • Optional add-on external cameras for added security at vehicle gate and visitor walkup entrances
  • A variety of admin tier levels for campus property management, ensuring the right people have access to just the areas they need to utilize
Want help in determining the right security solution for your school or campus?