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Control & Monitoring

Via Web-Based Portal or Mobile App

Cellgate products can be controlled from anywhere at any time VIA:

  • Our proprietary web-based portal; or
  • Via our smart phone app

From CellGate’s mobile phone app, you can:

  • Open, close or hold your gate open for the amount of time you specify
  • If cameras are installed, you can take pictures on demand or receive pictures instantly when gate activity occurs
  • View all pictures taken and select a photo to zoom in on for a better view

Manage your Cellgate product VIA web-based portal

With CellGate systems installed, all it takes is the click of a mouse to provide each visitor with a unique access code. Once logged in to your web-based CellGate account, you can: set limits to each code; limit a code’s operability by date range, day of week and/or time of day; and even limit a code by a number of uses. Each time a visitor uses a code to enter or leave the property, the CellGate system creates a record, including the identity of the gate accessed, the time and date, the access code used, and the caller ID of any phone used to send the command. Your CellGate account will also tell you whether the gate is open or closed. If you have one of CellGate’s HD Camera products installed, the same types of records are created—but you will also be able to see photos of images taken, logged with camera location, time and date of photo, and what capture method triggered the taking of the photo.

Web-Based Portal

From the CellGate web-based portal, a user may control all of their CellGate products in one place. Whether the user has one CellGate camera, or multiple CellGate access control products with or without cameras, all of them can be controlled from the web-based portal once your CellGate hardware is installed and the user has established their online account.

From Cellgate’s web-based portal, you can:

Create access codes that are:

  • Set for a fixed number of uses
  • Valid only for a certain date/time range
  • Valid only certain days of the week or times of day
  • Valid until canceled (never expire), or
  • Unrestricted and never expire

View, print and export detailed information that shows:

  • Access code (visitor) used, location, date and time of day
  • The type of command sent and the result
  • The current open or close status of a gate

Managing your Cellgate solution

  • You manage your CellGate account, access codes, alerts and reports online.
  • Visitors enter their access code at the gate, and the CellGate cellular device sends the data over the cellular network to the CellGate data center.
  • When the CellGate system verifies the entered code as an authorized visitor, it sends a signal to allow the visitor to enter, and
  • Logs the activity in your CellGate account.