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Control and Monitoring

Via TrueCloud Web Portal or CellGate App

All CellGate products can be controlled and monitored via the CellGate app or the TrueCloud web portal. The app has functionality that users want to access to while on-the-go; the TrueCloud web portal has the same functionality as the app, in addition to being where all system setup and customization occurs.

CellGate App

Depending on the product chosen, a user can do the following through the CellGate app:

  • Receive live streaming video of visitors at the gate, and grant them entry
  • Speak to visitors at the gate, and grant them entry
  • Open, close or hold a gate/door open at any time, for the amount of time you specify
  • If cameras are installed, a user can take pictures on demand or receive pictures instantly when gate activity occurs
  • View historical logs of pictures taken
  • Issue QR code visitor invitations (on select Watchman models)

TrueCloud Web Portal

Through the TrueCloud web portal, a user can do everything the CellGate app can PLUS:

  • Control all of their Cellgate products from a single login
  • Set up new users
  • Create custom access codes for users
  • Set up call groups of who receives calls if a visitor requests entry
  • Set up access codes or users with limited use windows (access is allowed only on a certain date, day(s) of the week, hours of the day or a number of times)
  • Set up user notifications of different system events, that can be sent via text or email
  • View current status of all gates, doors and cameras that your CellGate system manages
  • Review historical logs and create reports of transactions, including dates/times of access, photos, prop-open events, access code used to enter, phone number that granted access to a visitor, etc.
  • Set up “hold-open” schedules up to a year in advance.
  • Set up photos to be taken on a schedule

TrueCloud Web Portal (Multi-Family)

Through the TrueCloud portal, multi-family properties can:

  • Control all of their Cellgate products from a single login
  • Create users/call groups in multiple ways – including manually, or using import template(s),
  • Can import user information from currently utilized systems
  • Create different user tiers with different access levels, from a regular system user to an administrator:
  • Clone or customize Watchman device call groups for easier multi-gate property setup
  • Utilize text message-based call group self-enrollment

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