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This video provides detailed instructions on how to manage the No Access Group within the TrueCloud Connect system using the dashboard. Property managers utilizing a CellGate multi-family access control system can remove residents or tenants from TrueCloud Connect so they no longer have access to the property, without fully deleting their profiles. This allows for easy reactivation if needed.

Managing the No Access Group is crucial for revoking access privileges without deleting user profiles, thus maintaining control over who can enter the property. To perform this function, you should be in the Groups section of TrueCloud Connect.

TrueCloud Connect™ is CellGate’s proprietary back-end architecture that manages all data flow between product hardware, the internet, cellular networks, landline phones, smartphone apps, and the administrative web portal.

Managing the No Access Group

  1. Log In to TrueCloud Connect: Use your login credentials to access the dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Groups Section: Click on “Groups” at the top of the screen in the main menu to pull up the group management section.
  3. Select the No Access Group:
    • Click on the “No Access” group to access its settings.
  4. Add a User to No Access Group:
    • Choose User: Select the user you want to move to the No Access Group from the list of existing users.
    • Change User Group: Click on the user’s profile and navigate to the group settings.
    • Assign to No Access: Change the user’s group to “No Access.” This will revoke their access without deleting their profile.
    • Save Changes: Click “Save” to apply the changes.
  5. Manage Existing Users in No Access Group:
    • To move a user out of this Group, select the user from the No Access list and change their group to the desired access level.
    • Save the changes to update the user’s access permissions.

Benefits of Managing the No Access Group

  • Controlled Revocation: Revoke access privileges without deleting user profiles, allowing for easy reactivation if needed.
  • Enhanced Security: Ensure unauthorized users cannot access the property by assigning them to the No Access Group.
  • Efficient User Management: Maintain a clear and organized user database by managing access levels appropriately.

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