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This video provides detailed instructions for property administrators of a CellGate access control solution on how to access the activity log of their system using the TrueCloud Connect dashboard. TrueCloud Connect™ is CellGate’s proprietary back-end architecture that manages all data flow between product hardware, the internet, cellular networks, landline phones, smartphone apps, and the administrative web portal. The activity log is an essential feature for tracking and managing access events across your property.

How to Access the Activity Log

  1. Log In to TrueCloud Connect: Use your login credentials to access the dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Activity Log: There are two ways to access the activity log:
    • From the Dashboard: Scroll down to the bottom right corner and click on the “View All” button under the activity log section.
    • From the Top Menu: Click on “Logs” in the top header menu on the far right.

Utilizing the Activity Log

  1. Search for Specific Events:
    • By Code: Enter the access code used to trigger the event.
    • By Group Name: Search using the directory name or group name.
    • By Virtual Keys: Look up events using QR codes or other virtual keys.
    • By Date Range: Use the “from” and “to” fields to specify a date range for your search.
  2. Filter and Sort Results:
    • Use the available filters to narrow down your search results by event type, user, or access point.
    • Sort the log entries by date, event type, or user to quickly find relevant information.
  3. Export Logs: If needed, export the activity log for reporting or auditing purposes. Most dashboards offer an export function, typically found in the log section.

Benefits of Using the Activity Log

  • Enhanced Security: Monitor all access events to ensure only authorized users are entering the property.
  • Audit Trails: Maintain a detailed record of all access events, which is useful for security audits and incident investigations.
  • Operational Insights: Analyze access patterns and trends to optimize security protocols and gate schedules.


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