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Your Virtual Security Guard

The only cellular product that provides live streaming
video of visitors.


Watchman® provides cellular and internet-based telephone entry, streaming video, access control, visitor management and integrated camera solutions for vehicle gate and walkup entrances.

Which Watchman model is right for you?

Choose from the three solution categories below.

Single Family

Do you need live video?



Will you connect via Cellular or Ethernet?



Do you need live video?


Still need help finding
the right Watchman Product?

How TrueCloud Connect: Connects Users, Properties, & Solutions

Still need help finding
the right Watchman Product?

TrueCloud Connect Powers Everything We Do


Live Streaming Video

Single family and multi-family solutions for live streaming video from the gate on a smart phone.

Watchman System Enhancements

For Total Property Wireless Access

OmniPoint® Wireless
Multi-Point Access Control

Access control for properties
of all sizes.

OmniPoint® Wireless Multi-Point Access Control

Access control for properties of all sizes.

WXP Wiegand Expansion Panel

Access control add-on for properties with 10 entry points or fewer.

Optional External Cameras

External cameras can be added for different views of visitors and their vehicles.

QR Code Visitor Management

Available with all Watchman multi-family models.

Call a CellGate Security Specialist

Call a CellGate security specialist at 855.694.2837 to customize your solution
from the Watchman ® family of products.

Why Watchman is the preferred
telephone entry, access control & visitor management solution

The Watchman Family of products are a complete security solution that has 3 key components:
the hardware, the TrueCloud Connect™ web portal and the CellGate app.

Exclusive Features No One Else Can Offer

Watchman products are packed full of features competitors
simply can’t offer, including:

  • Live cellular streaming video of visitors at the gate (most models)
  • The ability to work on either Verizon or AT&T LTE networks
  • The ability to integrate external camera(s)
  • Calling up to 9 contacts in 3 tiers
  • SmartScreen Call Management (for multi-family models)
  • Voice Mail Intelligence (VMI) – system ignores call when it reaches voice mail and continues call group

Control Your Gate Via TrueCloud Connect™ or the CellGate App

Set up new users, create unique access codes and call groups, and customize notifications for all of your properties from a single TrueCloud Connect™ login.  Plus utilize the CellGate app to talk to and view streaming video of visitors at the gate (most models), take photos on demand, and grant gate entry. A connecting integration between TrueCloud Connect and RealPage is available.

Total Property Wireless Access with Addition of OmniPoint®, WXP Wiegand Expansion Panels and Integrated External Cameras

For complete property security, there are a variety of additional security options that integrate seamlessly with Watchman®: an OmniPoint® installation can provide wireless access control for all entry points on properties of various sizes; WXP Wiegand Expansion panels can be a cost effective solution for properties that have only have a small number of entry points that require access control; and external cameras can be added to get secondary photo views of visitors and vehicles. All of these Watchman® system enhancements are also powered and managed by TrueCloud Connect and can be controlled by the CellGate app.

Watchman Offers Multiple Accessories

  • Directional Antennaes
  • Signal Boosters
  • Flush/Surface Mounting Kits
  • Keypads 
  • Card Readers
  • RFIDs

Need help finding the right Watchman® product solution for your property?