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What is ?

TrueCloud™ is the web-based portal that CellGate product owners utilize to manage their system(s). However, TrueCloud™ is much more than just a simple user-friendly interface.

TrueCloud™ is also CellGate’s proprietary back-end architecture, where all data flow between product hardware, the internet, cellular networks, land line phones, smart phone app(s) and the portal occurs. Unlike many competitor systems that manage communication flow in separate “silos,” Cellgate controls and manages everything end-to-end within a single system.



Our unique system architecture is what allows us to seamlessly integrate access control, voice, video and external cameras.

TrueCloud Architecture Advantages

Records a History of all System Activity

Since all communication traffic occurs in one place, CellGate has transaction logs of all system activity. This is a huge competitive advantage when it comes to providing customer support to CellGate system owners—because they don’t have to go to multiple providers to troubleshoot issues.

Easy Integration of all access control data

Because all data flow to/from CellGate devices flows through the TrueCloud™ portal, it allows us to seamlessly blend access control and camera utilization together in a single system, on every transaction. Cellgate can link an access code used with the picture of the person using it, in addition to integrating additional external camera(s) at the location to the same system—something our competitors have been unable to do.

Fast, Secure, IP-Based Architecture

CellGate’s TrueCloud™ architecture was built as a complete 2-way, real-time, IP-based system. IP-based systems are ideal for managing information flow because all system messages can be sent and confirmation of receipt of that info is provided. This allows the system to know when data is sent and delivered successfully—or not. No guessing, we KNOW. This also means TrueCloud™ can process data faster and provide higher reliability than comparable systems that utilize text messaging or landlines for transmission of data.

Processes Video Transmissions

It is CellGate’s IP-based architecture that allows TrueCloud™ to process video transmissions within its system, a feature that no other cellular access control company has been able to duplicate.

When choosing a cellular-based access control or monitoring product, understanding the basics of how information traffic flows in such systems is critical to selecting the most reliable option, and getting the seamless customer support you need if something isn’t working properly.

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