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Better Security & Detailed Records of Access Activity

Self-storage properties can be in both rural and metro locations, and have a wide range of customer traffic volume.  Access control and monitoring of a site can be difficult if the facility lacks on-site infrastructure like power or telephone landlines.  Many owners of self-storage facilities manage them remotely; but this is a challenge when vendors or service personnel need to access the site and no one is physically present.

A CellGate access control system can solve all of these challenges–owners know exactly who is coming and going and when, and they can control access to the facility remotely.

These are the Products Chosen Most Frequently for Self-Storage Facilities:

Total Property Wireless Access

A Combined Watchman/OmniPoint® Solution

Watchman video telephone entry, access control and visitor management combined with the OmniPoint® wireless multi-point access control provides a complete security solution for any self-storage business.

With a CellGate solution, you have:

  • Unlimited, custom access codes with restrictions
  • Time-stamped photos of access activity
  • Text and email alert notifications
  • Log of all activity, with photos
  • Prop-open alerts when a gate/door is left open
  • Ability to open a gate/door on-demand or on a schedule
  • Solar or AC power options
  • Easy-to-use TrueCloud Connect™ for system management

Any CellGate-equipped gate or door can be opened by the property manager remotely, saving both time and money.

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