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The next group we will talk about is Resident/employee. You have a couple of different options here. Video call group manager with remote access gives you the ability to add users to your call group, so that’ll be what’s in the directory, and you can also edit the directory information. You also have the ability to open the gate remotely with the app.

Video call Group Manager. Same access with the difference being that they will not be able to use the app to open the gate if there’s not a visitor there for them. Video call group user with remote access does have the ability to use the app to open the gate without a visitor being there, but they do not have access to the portal to add any users to a call group. Video Call group users cannot use the app  to open the gate remotely, but they will get visitor calls via the app and your credential only users are going to be those roles that do not have access to the portal or the app. This would be may be a code that’s used for a housekeeper of something of that sort. So you would use that as well.

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