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The next thing we’re going to talk about is going to be “users.”

We’re going to go ahead and go to “users” here (at the very top of the screen in the main menu).

This will pull up our users. We’ll do “manage users.”  This will show all the users we have.

We’ll go over adding a user.  In order to add a new user we select “add user.”  We will need first name, last name, and then we’ll need a unique email address. And the phone number is not necessary here.

We’ll hit next. The user type will be Resident/Employee.

Your user group is going to be, depending on what you want, what type of access you want the user to have. If we want the user to have remote access, we can either select “video call group manager

with remote access,” which will give them the ability to make changes to their call group,

which will be the directory information.

If we do not want them to have that access, we would do “video call group user with remote access”

or “video call group user.”  If we have “with remote access”, that gives them the ability to use the app to open the gate without a visitor contacting them from the call box.

We are going to select “Video call group User with remote access.”  Select Next. (Access to all Properties/Install Locations) This will default, to “yes” here and these options will be selected, meaning

that they do have access to the property.  Then select “next.”

At this point you can “add a GATE code”, an “RFID, or card clicker,” and you will “invite a call group user.”

We are going to add a gate code. The system’s going to check to make sure that that code is not in use.

We’ll say “add Access method.” Then we’re going to go ahead and select “Invite Call Group User.”

What we’re going to do in this case is we’re going go ahead and “add a new call group,” which would mean we’re going to add a name to the directory.

So we’re going to select “add new call group,” then the display name (on the directory).

We put first name, last name, however we want that to appear.  The display name needs to be

between five and 15 characters. So as long as we’re within that five to 15 characters, we’re good to go.  Hit “save” and select “next.”  And that has created our user for us.

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