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QR Code Virtual Keys are an essential tool for managing visitor access at a multi-family property.  Serving as digital barcodes, they can be sent via SMS or email to grant entry to specific access points on a property, while also being set up to work only during specified dates/times. QR Codes offer a secure and convenient method for visitor management, ensuring that permissions and access times are strictly controlled.

Virtual Keys are a visitor management feature available on all Watchman multi-family intercom systems.

Types of QR Codes

There are two primary types of QR code invitations used with Watchman multi-family systems: Individual Key QR codes and Temporary Event Key QR codes.

Individual Key QR Codes

Individual Key QR codes are designed for users who need recurring access. These codes are ideal for individuals like dog walkers, regular babysitters, landscapers, and pool cleaners. Here are their key features:

  • Usage: Can be used repeatedly by one person.
  • Restrictions: Limited by the settings established by the resident/administrator.
  • Security: The QR regenerates after each use to prevent unauthorized sharing.
  • Examples: Perfect for daily, weekly, or monthly visitors who come at the same time, such as service providers.

Temporary Event Key QR Codes

Temporary Event Key QR codes are meant for one-time access events. They are ideal for parties, cookouts, or visits from movers. Key features include:

  • Usage: Can be shared with multiple guests.
  • Duration: Valid for a specific period only, between 1-hour and 7 days.
  • Security: Includes a set start and end time to ensure limited access.
  • Examples: Suitable for events or gatherings occurring at a specific time and date.

Benefits of QR Code Virtual Keys

QR Codes provide numerous advantages for access control:

  • Enhanced Security: Ensures that only authorized individuals can access the property.
  • Convenience: Easy to distribute via digital means.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for both recurring and one-time access needs.

How to Use QR Codes

  • Sending QR Codes: Administrators/residents can send QR codes via SMS or email to visitors.
  • Managing Permissions: Permissions can be assigned to a group, and rules can be established to manage access points and times.

By leveraging QR code for visitor management, CellGate users can efficiently manage access control, ensuring security and convenience for both residents and visitors.

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