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RealPage Integration

TrueCloud Connect™ Integration With RealPage

A RealPage Integration with TrueCloud Connect Provides:

  • Automated User Management: New residents added to the RealPage OneSite system are automatically added and synced into CellGate’s TrueCloud Connect; similarly, move-outs will lose access rights as soon as the CellGate and RealPage accounts are synced either immediately or during the overnight sync, keeping the property secure and up-to-date.
Gated entrance to a multi-family residential community with houses in background
  • Immediate Updates: Automated nightly and on-demand syncs between your RealPage database and CellGate’s TrueCloud Connect boosts efficiency.
  • Eliminates Dual Data Entry, Reduces Errors: The Integration streamlines resident data management by removing the need for double manual entries of user data — minimizing errors, while saving time.
  • Seamless Integration: Our Gold Key Service team supports the importing of resident data from the PMS (property management software), associates access credentials, helps set up Call Groups, and assists with customized access permissions.

About RealPage

  • RealPage is a SaaS company that provides a complete suite of solutions for owners and managers of rental properties — including conventional multi-family, student, single-family, senior-living and vacation housing. RealPage software products manage everything from marketing, to property management, resident screening, resident services, utility management and other property operations.
Gated entrance to a multi-family residential community with houses in background

TrueCloud Connect is the core of CellGate’s technology; it enables seamless integrations across a diverse range of services and applications. This powerful engine also allows robust connecting integrations with outside systems that also manage important property user/resident information, such as RealPage.


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