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Fire Alarm Function

W461 Video Intercom

Fire Alarm Function

Our Fire Alarm Function enables the fire alarm to trigger a desired designated action when activated, including opening some or all assigned doors and gates. It also closes such entries upon completion of the fire alarm event.

In addition to triggering entry points upon a fire alarm event, text notifications and e-mails can be automatically sent to designated individuals when such an event occurs.

This functionality is available on all Watchman multi-family models: W461/W462, W480/W482 and WXL/WXL2, and on OmniPoint Entry Point Modules (EPMs), and is administered via TrueCloud Connect.

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To Activate the Fire Alarm Function:



Call Support at 1-855-694-2837, Option 3 to initially set up the fire alarm input within TrueCloud Connect.


Set Up

Once the input is set up in your account it will show up as a “device” in TrueCloud Connect.



You may now:
a) edit/congifure the fire alarm input as you wish
b) view it
c) check logs of past alarm events.

Note to installers: A Dry Contact must be used when wiring the fire system to the input.