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Total Property Wireless Access

OmniPoint is a wireless multi-point access control system
that utilizes a hub and spoke methodology.


campus school elementary middle highschool access security control system solution OmniPoint by Cellgate
apartment complex external entrance access control security
truck loading dock security solution OmniPoint by CellGate
facility airport access control security by OmniPoint
Parking lot access control security provided by OmniPoint solution by CellGate
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An OmniPoint Solution

OmniPoint is a wireless multi-point access control solution.  It is the preferred option for schools, warehouses, shipping yards, multi-tenant communities, loading docks, regional airports, parking lots, and many other similar properties that have factors that make a wired access control solution cost prohibitive or impossible to install.

While OmniPoint can work almost anywhere, it is the ideal, cost-effective and reliable alternative when your property has:

  • Entry points spread out up to a mile
  • Line of site not always available
  • Fenced outdoor areas that need to be secured
  • Minimum of 5 to 100 entrances
OmniPoint apartment access control diagram 3d rendering total wireless multi-point access control cellgate service animated wireless to entry point display

How OmniPoint Works

Click here to watch informational video covering some of the features and advantages of using OmniPoint.

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Key Components

OmniPoint Gateway product for apartment security product by CellGate wireless access control system

The Gateway

  • Has up to ½ mile range via LoRa technology
  • A single Gateway can control up to
    100 entrances
entry point module also known as epm product for OmniPoint access control solution

Entry Point Modules

  • No data wires needed
  • Works with any 26-bit Wiegand device
  • Stores credentials and event logs
OmniPoint Sensor OPS by CellGate product for access control security

OmniPoint Sensors

  • For doors that only need monitoring
  • Door status notifications
  • No power required

OmniPoint: Total Property
Wireless Access

OmniPoint is the cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-install wireless access control solution that gated communities, campuses and businesses have been waiting for.

How It WorksProduct Info

Wired access control systems:

  • Multiple control panels
  • Extensive data wiring
  • Internet in every building
  • Costly labor to install

For Cost Effective,

vs blue rough text

Wireless Benefits:

  • No control panels
  • No data wires
  • No internet required
  • Low cost, simple to install
wired set ups with large red ex indicating no more complicated wired set ups for security access systems for apartment security wireless is better with OmniPoint by CellGate

Call a Cellgate Security Specialist

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Why an OmniPoint Wireless Access Control Solution Is Ideal for These Properties

Below are examples where OmniPoint solved challenges other systems could not address cost-effectively.

School Campus with Multiple Buildings Over a Large Geographic Area.

A local high school had this scenario at their property:

  • 1,200 students and 100 staff were located on a 5-acre property
  • The school had 22 buildings with a total of 95 entrances that required access control
  • They wanted a single, centralized point of administrative control that would be able to customize which of the 95 access points a user could be granted entry to.
  • Only 14 of the 22 buildings were equipped with internet.
  • They also had three outdoor sporting areas where they also wanted to utilize the same centralized access control system for those entrances, but did not know how those could be wired.
  • There were 10 other doors on the property that did not require access control, but they wanted to monitor those entrances to ensure they were always locked, and be notified if they were unlocked to ensure student and staff security.

An OmniPoint system solved all of these challenges.

An Apartment Community with Attached Parking Garage Access & Outdoor Pool

  • Class A rated apartments with 250-290 residents on a 400 meter by 300 meter property
  • Two primary resident buildings, four stories each, with a four-story connected parking garage in between the two buildings
  • Line of sight not possible
  • Pool in the center of the complex had two entrances that needed access control
  • Concrete parking garages made a wired solution difficult to install
  • Wanted a centralized point of administrative control in order to customize user credentials, and to view historical logs of system use by user. Current system had no historical logs, and residents were all set up with the same code so there was no visibility if problems arose.

An OmniPoint system solved all of these challenges.

Need help configuring an OmniPoint solution for your property?