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How it Works

Our Systems

CellGate provides wireless access control and monitoring over cellular networks and the internet. We are unique in our ability to seamlessly integrate products with live video streaming, voice, access control and cameras — that are all controlled via the CellGate app and TrueCloud web-based portal. Because CellGate products can run on cellular networks, they can be installed virtually anywhere; with the CellGate app and the TrueCloud web-based portal, they can be managed from anywhere.

Our Product Lines

All of Our Products Have 3 Key Components


Depending on the hardware chosen, our products are capable of transmitting photos, live streaming video, voice and data.

Our products can be powered by AC power or solar, depending on the installation location. All hardware works via cellular networks, and many models can also be connected via hard-wired Ethernet.

CellGate App

All CellGate products can be controlled from the CellGate app.

Depending on the product(s) chosen, you can receive live video calls from visitors, open/close/hold open a gate or a door, and take a photo at an installation location on demand—all via the CellGate app. Notifications can also be sent to a smart phone or email whenever access attempts are made or when sensors are triggered.

TrueCloud Portal

The TrueCloud web-based portal is powered by Microsoft Azure.

Administrators manage all aspects of their CellGate systems via the TrueCloud portal including adding new users, creating access codes/credentials and schedules; customizing notifications and reviewing historical data and photos from the installation location.

CellGate App: Gate or Door Control

System administrator has a need to open, close or hold open their gate or a door. They go to their app and send the command.

The TrueCloud portal transmits the command to open/close/hold open the gate or door.

The installed device acknowledges the command and continues to report every gate or door status change.

The event is logged in the client’s TrueCloud account.

Telephone Entry/Video Intercom

Visitor arrives and presses call button.

Whoever answers 1st from the call group receives a voice or video call from the visitor, and can grant them access from their smart phone or tablet.

Upon authorization, the system opens the gate.

The event is logged in their TrueCloud web portal account; the system administrator can also choose to receive a photo, text or email notification of the event.

Access Codes

Using the TrueCloud web portal, assign a unique code for each visitor. Control access by time of day, day of week or date range.

Visitor enters assigned code upon arrival. System takes photo of visitor and transmits access request to TrueCloud.

Upon authorization, the system opens the gate.

The event is logged in the system administrator’s TrueCloud web portal account; the system owner can also choose to receive a photo, text or email notification of the event if they wish.

Camera Monitoring and Recording Events

Motion triggers the camera.

Real-time photo notification of an access event is sent to administrator’s smart phone for review.

On-demand photos can be taken whenever needed via the CellGate app or TrueCloud web portal.

Video footage of access events are stored locally on the SD card in the camera.

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