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SmartScreen Call Management


With our new proprietary SmartScreen call management options, multi-tenant properties now have multiple choices for how they may customize the home screens on their Watchman WXL, Watchman W480 and Watchman W461 model access control units.

This functionality adds more value to every Watchman multi-tenant system, and makes it simpler for visitors to contact exactly who they need to when they arrive at a property.

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SmartScreen Customization

Three standard/default icons to choose from on a Watchman multi-tenant system home screen: Directory, Access Code and Guest QR Code.

You may choose one, two or three of these icons to appear, based on your property’s needs.

A single, custom call group can be added to the home screen, and be named whatever the property chooses:

Step 1️⃣

Choose one of these four available graphics below to best fit your custom call group:

Step 2️⃣

Name the custom call group whatever you like. Suggestions include: Front Desk, Property Manager, Leasing Office, Security, etc.

  • A CellGate Gold Key Customer Service team member will set up your custom call group graphic choice, and the custom name you designate, during account onboarding.
  • Depending on the number of standard/default icons your property requires, Watchman MT can now have a maximum of FOUR options: up to three of the standard/default icons, and one custom icon.

Below are several example configurations that could be used: