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SmartScreen Call Management


With our new proprietary SmartScreen call management options, multi-family properties now have multiple choices for how they may customize the home screens on their Watchman WXL/WXL2, Watchman W480/W482 and Watchman W461/W462 model access control units.

This functionality adds more value to every Watchman multi-family system, and makes it simpler for visitors to contact exactly who they need to when they arrive at a property.

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SmartScreen Call Management Customization

Three standard/default icons to choose from on a Watchman multi-family system home screen: Directory, Access Code and Guest QR Code.

You may choose one, two or three of these icons to appear, based on your property’s needs.

A single, custom call group can be added to the home screen, and be named whatever the property chooses:

Step 1️⃣

Choose one of these four available graphics below to best fit your custom call group:

Step 2️⃣

Name the custom call group whatever you like. Suggestions include: Front Desk, Property Manager, Leasing Office, Security, etc.

  • A CellGate Gold Key Customer Service team member will set up your SmartScreen call management​ custom call group graphic choice, and the custom name you designate, during account onboarding.
  • Depending on the number of standard/default icons your property requires, Watchman multi-family models can now have a maximum of FOUR options: up to three of the standard/default icons, and one custom icon.


Below are several example configurations that could be used: