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WXP Wiegand Expansion Panel

WXP Wiegand Expansion Panel

The WXP Wiegand Expansion Panel integrates with any of the Watchman family of products to provide door access control for up to four doors (or gates) per panel on properties that may utilize such access control devices in other areas beyond the gate.  

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WXP Wiegand Expansion Panel: 4-Door Access Control

If a property utilizes fobs/card readers/proximity sensors/RFID to control entry to pedestrian gates or to other locations like a clubhouse, pool or meeting room, the WXP Wiegand Expansion panel may be added so that up to four entry points (per panel) can also be controlled by theCellGate app and TrueCloud Connect.  


Key Features

Multiple Entry Control

Controls up to 4 doors or gates per panel

Multiple Inputs

Works with proximity card readers, RFID, fobs, clickers, and keypad code entry devices


Compatible with any 26 bit Wiegand reader

Customize Profiles

Supports restricted credential profiles for vendors or service personnel

Verizon or AT&T Networks

Works on the largest LTE networks in America

Hard-Wired Internet Option

No VoIP fees required

TrueCloud Connect

Once a WXP Wiegand Expansion Panel is installed, access transactions at each of these additional entry points on the property will be captured and logged in TrueCloud Connect, and can be accessed under a single login. System administrators can also choose to receive text or email notifications of these door access control transactions in real-time.

Watchman System Enhancements

Providing Complete Property Security

Optional Additional Cameras

Optional cameras can be added to show a different angle/photo view of visitors and their vehicles.

Additional Product Features

  • Hardware mounting choices
  • Solar kit
  • Additional signal booster, other antenna options