How Total Property Wireless Access Works

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How Total Property Wireless Access Works
Visitor Entrance QR Code Visitor Management External Cameras Vehicle Gate Monitored Door Pedestrian Gate Bluetooth Encrypted Readers Outstanding Building Penetration Employee Parking

Visitor Entrance

If an entrance has visitor management needs, a Watchman model must be chosen. Which Watchman model will work best depends on whether a directory listing will be needed at the entrance (or not).

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QR Code Visitor Management

QR Code Keys are a visitor management feature that is available with all Watchman multi-family hardware, including: the Watchman WXL/WXL2, Watchman W480/W482 and Watchman W461/W462 models. QR Code Keys provide a trackable, more secure and convenient way to manage visitor entry, and are simple for visitors to utilize.

External Cameras

Between 1 and 3 external cameras can be added per installed Watchman system, depending on the specific Watchman model chosen. External cameras are ideal for capturing additional views of visitors, license plate details, general vehicle information or specific property zones.

Vehicle Gate

A Watchman multi-family product is ideal for vehicle gate entrances that allow employee entry, and also can manage the entry needs of visitors or vendors. Employees may utilized RFID, fobs and key card credentials for entry. QR Code Temporary Keys with limited entry windows can be utilized for visitor entry at both vehicle gate and walk-up entrances, while Individual QR Code Keys can be issued to visitors who require ongoing property access.

Monitored Door

OmniPoint can be utilized for doors that only need monitoring. No power is required at the door, and door status notifications can be setup and sent to designated parties.

Pedestrian Gate

Pedestrian gates at the perimeter of a property can utilize either OmniPoint or a Watchman multi-family model for access control. The right option is based on several factors, including proximity of the pedestrian gate to the installed Watchman device.

Bluetooth Encrypted Readers

Our readers and credentials easily integrate with any CellGate product. Desired functionality available includes Bluetooth touchless entry, RFID and QR Codes for Visitor Management (varies by reader chosen).

Outstanding Building Penetration

An OmniPoint Gateway is the central communications hub for an OmniPoint solution. It is typically placed on a roof or tall mounting pole in the center of a property in order for it to best communicate with different entry points.

Employee Parking

Depending on a property’s needs at a specific entrance or parking area, both an OmniPoint solution or a Watchman multi-family model could be utilized here for access control. If the entrance/area also has visitor management needs, a Watchman model must be chosen.