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QR Code Visitor Management

QR Codes

QR Codes are a visitor management feature that is available with all Watchman multi-family hardware, including: the Watchman WXL/WXL2, Watchman W480/W482 and Watchman W461/W462 models.  

QR codes provide a trackable, more secure and convenient way to manage visitor entry, and are simple for visitors to utilize.

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Watchman QR Code Video

CellGate’s QR Code Visitor Management feature is secure, trackable and convenient.

QR Code Key Features

Restricted QR Codes

Visitors receive QR code invites on their smart phones to allow entry during a specific date/time

Eliminates Code Sharing

Eliminates the need for access codes, increasing security

Administrator Control

Administrators choose which users and/or residents are allowed to create QR code invites

Simple to Issue

QR codes can be created/issued in the CellGate app

Can Be Added to Existing Watchman MT Models

QR code functionality can be added to already installed systems via an OTA software update

Tracking Logs

The TrueCloud portal logs every QR code issued and its usage