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QR Code Visitor Management

QR Codes

QR Codes are a visitor management feature that is available with all Watchman Multi-Tenant hardware, including: the Watchman WXL, Watchman W480 and Watchman W461 models.  

QR codes provide a trackable, more secure and convenient way to manage visitor entry, and are simple for visitors to utilize.

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QR Code Key Features

Restricted QR Codes

Visitors receive QR code invites on their smart phones to allow entry during a specific date/time

Eliminates Code Sharing

Eliminates the need for access codes, increasing security

Administrator Control

Administrators choose which users and/or residents are allowed to create QR code invites

Simple to Issue

QR codes can be created/issued in the CellGate app

Tracking Logs

The TrueCloud portal logs every QR code’s usage