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Explore our dealer-specific resources for OmniPoint location testing, installation best practices, and install guides.

OmniPoint® Videos

OmniPoint Best Practices Part 1:

Scoping the Job Site

OmniPoint Best Practices Part 2:

Pre-installation Account Onboarding 

OmniPoint Best Practices Part 3:

Installation Day

OmniPoint Performance Test Demonstration:

Signal Test

OmniPoint Gateway – Ethernet Antennas and Power Installation

Installation Day

OmniPoint Gateway – Cellular LTE Antenna Power Installation

Installation Day

OmniPoint® EPM Tutorial Videos

▶ How to Wire an EPM

▶ How to Wire an EPM

OmniPoint EPM Installation from CellGate on Vimeo. OmniPoint is a wireless access control solution.  OmniPoint utilizes a Gateway that transmits data to CellGate’s TrueCloud Connect administrative engine AND locally with up to 100 entry point modules (EPMs) via LoRa...

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