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  • CellGate’s Total Property Wireless Access: a Watchman and OmniPoint Combined Solution
  • CellGate’s OmniPoint Wireless Multi-Point Access Control System
  • CellGate Watchman Multi-Family Video Telephone Entry Models (2022)
  • CellGate QR Code Virtual Keys, 2024
  • CellGate Total Property Wireless Access Video (no audio)
  • CellGate President Noel Gouldin Describes Omnipoint Wireless Multi Point Access Control
  • CellGate’s Complete Watchman Product Family – Video Telephone Entry, Photos & Access Control
  • CellGate Watchman W450 – Live video!
  • CellGate Watchman W410
  • Install OmniPoint Wireless Access Control, Use Your Staff for Higher Margin Jobs

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