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CellGate’s VirtualAssist provides a live, on-demand, video link for on-site technical support.

It allows a CellGate tech support specialist to have on-site visibility into exactly what an installation technician is doing and seeing —  making communication more efficient, and reducing time on site because solutions can be reached more quickly.


VirtualAssist Is Easy to Use

Technical Support sends VirtualAssist link

If a dealer’s technical question is complex, they are new to CellGate’s hardware, or they are simply having difficulty explaining exactly where they are having trouble, our Technical Support Specialists can send a VirtualAssist invitation to the technician’s smart phone, asking for access to their camera. 

Initial Invitation

Permission to Access Camera

Field Technician Shares Their On-Site View

Technical Support Specialist’s view with VirtualAssist

Technical Support
now has eyes on site

Our Technical Support Specialist can now
see exactly what the on-site technician sees,
and can direct their activities LIVE.

On-Screen Markup

Either our Technical Support Specialist or the field technician can manually markup elements on-screen in order to highlight important areas.

Results in significantly more effective troubleshooting

  • Reduced time on site
  • Less stressful support interactions
  • Improved communication
  • Solutions being reached more quickly