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SignalAssist is our Technical Support team’s exclusive cellular router software, used for post-installation cellular signal analysis.  

Our SignalAssist software is able to analyze historical cellular signal strength, bandwidth and noise to confirm a device’s reliabiity.  It allows us to expedite the solution when poor or unreliable cellular signal is detected. We are the only industry manufacturer that can provide this analysis because of our TrueCloud Connect/static IP system architecture.

SignalAssist Key Features

Analyzes Cellular Signal

Analyzes its historical strength, bandwidth & noise to confirm device reliability

Fact-Based Solutions

Leads to clear, fact-based solutions for devices where signal performance is not reliable or optimal

For All CellGate Devices

Available on all newly shipped devices for 1st 90 days, and on-demand for legacy devices.

Expedites Solutions

Allows us to expedite the solution for poor or unreliable cellular signal

Over-the-Air Installation

Can be installed over-the-air once a dealer calls in with a technical support problem on a device

When to Use SignalAssist:

  • When a Device Is Acting Unreliably or Signal Issues Are Suspected.  For example, a device worked well when initially installed, then went offline; if a device has had to be rebooted several times; or any situation where a device is not acting optimally and consistently.

SignalAssist is automatically turned on in newly activated devices for the 1st 90 days.  If a dealer has a recently installed device that is acting unreliably, call Technical Support and we can generate a SignalAssist report on the router’s performance since it was turned on (going 30 days back).

On a device that have been activated for more than 90 days, a dealer can contact Technical Support to have SignalAssist turned on for up to 30 days.  The dealer can then call back once several days have passed in order to request a SignalAssist report on the router’s performance from the day SignalAssist was turned on.

Benefits of SignalAssist:

  • Faster Resolutions.  Dealers can confirm signal reliability and performance with one call to CellGate Technical Support in most newly installed devices, and in just two calls on legacy devices — allowing solutions to be discussed more quickly.
  • Fewer Service Calls.  Reduces repetitive on-site service calls due to unreliable cellular signal.
  • Signal Software Data Capture.  Screen shots of SignalAssist data can be shared with end customers to confirm a solution and prove previous cause of unreliability.

SignalAssist Can Point to One of These Solutions

Directional Antenna

A properly installed directional antenna will add bandwidth, reduce system noise and stabilize connectivity to a single carrier tower.  

Activate Verizon/Deactivate AT&T, or Vice Versa

Because our products ship with dual sims, if the original cellular carrier chosen does not have a reliable signal at the location, it can be deactivated, and the second carrier’s sim can be activated instead.

Hard-Wired Ethernet Connection

If both Verizon and AT&T cellular service is unreliable at the location, a hard-wired internet connection is the alternative.