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When you need something monitored. For whatever reason. Anywhere.

Cellular-based, stand-alone asset monitoring cameras with live, scheduled or on-demand photo capabilities


If you have an asset monitoring application that requires live, scheduled or on-demand viewing of location photos, then Cellcam is your camera solution.

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Cellcam’s industrial grade construction, variety of camera lens options, real-time push notifications and the ability to control the camera(s) from both an app or web portal make it an ideal solution for many commercial and personal asset monitoring applications.

  • Receive LIVE photos: be alerted immediately of a triggering event at a location
  • Receive SCHEDULED photos: receive alerts from a location on a pre-defined schedule that you control
  • Receive ON DEMAND photos: check in on a location whenever you choose

Cellcam is a highly reliable solution for both urban and remote location applications

Any important asset or location that needs monitoring is a candidate for Cellcam

Powered by Solar or A/C power

Cellcam cameras work on a cellular network and can be powered by solar or A/C power, allowing them to be installed almost anywhere.  A Cellcam camera is ideal for when:

  • There is no electrical power source at the location.
  • A single site is being monitored.
  • A self-contained camera system is most efficient.
  • No wiring is required.

Control Cellcam with the iOS/Android app or via the TrueCloud Web Portal

Receive photo notifications of triggering events at monitored locations, set up camera motion detection/activation zones, review historical photos and take photos on demand — all from a smart phone app. Do that and more from the TrueCloud web portal, including setting up new users, photos to be taken on a schedule, and push notification preferences.

Applications for Cellcam Are Endless

  • Weekend homes
  • Construction sites
  • Equipment storage facilities
  • Oil/gas sites
  • Docks/harbors
  • Utilities
  • Farms/ranches
  • Warehouses
  • Wildlife monitoring

Asset monitoring cameras providing live, scheduled or on-demand streaming video and photos.