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Self-Storage Facilities

Improve security at your self-storage facility and have detailed records of site access activity.

Depending on their location, self-storage properties can have a wide range of traffic volume from customers. Access control and monitoring of site activity is even more difficult to manage when a self-storage facility lacks on-site infrastructure like power and telephone landlines.

Many owners of such facilities manage them remotely; but this poses numerous challenges, particularly when vendors or service personnel need to access the facility when no one is physically present.

A CellGate access control system is an all-encompassing solution for self-storage facility owners. Owners know exactly who is coming and going and when, and they can control access to the facility remotely.

With a Cellgate solution, you have:

  • Unlimited, custom access codes with restrictions
  • Time-stamped photos of access activity
  • Text and email alert notifications
  • Log of all activity, with photos
  • Prop-open alerts when a gate is left open
  • Ability to open a gate on-demand or on a schedule
  • Solar or AC power options
  • Easy-to-use TrueCloud web portal for system management

Any CellGate-equipped gate or door can be opened by the property manager remotely, saving both time and money.

These are the Products Chosen Most Frequently for Self-Storage Facilities:

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