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Self-Storage Facilities

Improve security and have detailed records of site access activity

It’s a given that self-storage properties face frequent, high-volume traffic from customers. But managing these facilities pose challenges when vendors and service personnel need to access areas such as roofs and mechanical/HVAC areas. Access control and monitoring of site activity is even more difficult to manage when a storage facility lacks on-site infrastructure like power and telephone landlines. Other options like full-time security personnel are usually cost prohibitive for a self-storage facility. A Cellgate system is an all-encompassing solution for self-storage facility owners: it is a cost-effective way to increase security; owners can know exactly who is coming and going and when; and they can control access to the facility remotely.

With a Cellgate product solution, you can have:

  • Unlimited, custom access codes with restrictions
  • Time-stamped photos
  • Text and email alerts
  • A web log of all activity and photos
  • Prop-open alerts
  • Ability to open a gate on-demand or on a schedule
  • Solar or AC power
  • Hosted, secure web-based management system

Any CellGate-equipped lock can be opened by the property manager remotely, regardless of where they are at that time. Having this capability not only saves time and money, but facility owners and managers become more effective at their job, allowing them to attend to other more important matters. With CellGate, you can monitor and control your gate activity from anywhere.

Manage Multiple Facilities

If you don’t have an on-site manager available at all of your facilities, it is unlikely you have an on-site office equipped with a phone, computer and internet access either.  But with your facility’s gate security installed with a CellGate system, you can remotely control and track all gate activity from your home or remote office. Our cellular and internet technology makes it simple. Just log-in to any computer or use your mobile phone.