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Single Family Residences

Knowing who is on your property and when is a priority for most owners of single-family residences.

Whether the home is your primary residence in the suburbs, a weekend home by the lake, a farm/ranch or a townhome in the city—being able to keep the property secure while simultaneously allowing entry by the visitors you DO want is a must.

As a result, electronic gates have gained popularity as a tool to control access to property. However managing who enters via these gates hasn’t always been foolproof with older landline-based access control technologies.

This has been readily apparent when it comes to providing property access for people in service industries like: the pool man, your lawn care crew, or the air conditioning repairman. The traditional solution is to use a keypad with a factory programmed access code, such as “0000,” and to give that code to everyone. Unfortunately, this code is rarely changed by the owner and it can easily be passed on to other people without your knowledge. Not only does this not provide effective security, but there is no visibility of who is utilizing that code or when.

With a CellGate system installed, all it takes is internet access and the click of a mouse to provide each visitor (service personnel and guests alike) with their own unique access code.

In addition, with a Cellgate access control system the residential property owner can.

  • Limit Property Access. Customize each code to limit property access by date range, day of week, time of day, and even by the number of uses.
  • Receive Alerts. Set alerts for immediate email, text, phone notification each time the property is accessed.
  • See Visitors. Receive real-time photos of visitors to your phone or email (with camera or video products).
  • View Historical Logs. View historical property access records including time/date, access code used, photos (on products with cameras), and the caller ID of any phone used.

These Are the Products Chosen Most Frequently for Single-Family Residences:

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