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Oil & Gas Sites

Unauthorized personnel entering your site?

Many rural oil and gas sites are controlled, if at all, by the inadequate but traditional daisy chain of padlocks on chain link gates. Given the remoteness and lack of utilities at these sites, solar-power access control and remote monitoring of property is needed. Cellular technology is ideal for these remote settings. CellGate provides remote controlled access to your oil and gas employees and maintains detailed records of who entered and when, all at an affordable cost.

The Cellgate unify series of products are ideal for remote oil and gas sites. Benefits Include:

  • Cellular RFID acts as a “virtual gate guard”, providing automatic drive-thru access and identifying tailgaters
  • Prevents code sharing
  • Works with pole gates or chain link gates
  • Solar friendly to monitor remote sites and equipment
  • CellGate web-based software: allows for tracking and logging of unique access codes for each visitor
  • Includes an easy-to-use online management tool accessible from cell phone, tablet or any internet connected computer
  • Limit code entry by date range, day of week or time of day, even by the number of uses
  • Records detailed information of each visitor entry and/or exit
  • Delivers prop open alerts
  • Allows for on-demand or scheduled actuation
  • Offers cellular camera option for real-time photo alert sent to your mobile phone
  • Sends email, text, phone alerts when gate remains open for defined period of time

Don’t be faced with increasing vandalism and theft in remote areas. CellGate products will ease your concerns about inadequate property security and help you to control access to exploration and production sites, including ground pipeline/transmission monitoring facilities.

Below are images from active cellgate installations

These types of gate access photos can be texted to your smart phone or emailed to you in real time with one of Cellgate’s camera-based products. These images–along with all call logs and manual keypad codes entered–are also stored in our web-based portal for 6 months for you to review as needed.