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Oil & Gas Properties

Unauthorized personnel entering your oil and gas site? Simply need to monitor your location?

Given the remoteness and lack of utilities at many oil and gas sites, solar-power access control and remote monitoring of these properties is often required. CellGate’s Watchman, Unify and CellCam cellular access control and monitoring products are ideal for these types of locations.

With a CellGate access control system installed at your oil and gas site, you can provide remote controlled access for your employees and vendors. Real-time notifications of who entered and when can be sent to whomever you designate in real time texts or emails; historical access records, with photos, can be viewed via the TrueCloud web portal at any time. If you simply need to monitor equipment, gauges or the entire oil and gas site itself, an installed CellCam system will send live, scheduled and on-demand photos so that you can ensure everything is secure or if there is troublesome activity occurring.

Know what is happening, who is coming/going and when from your oil and gas locations. CellGate access control and monitoring products will ease your concerns about inadequate property security and reduce the likelihood of vandalism and theft.

Oil and gas site owners love CellGate systems because they:

  • Prevent code sharing
  • Can limit code entry by date range, day of week, time of day, even by number of uses
  • Work with pole gates or chain link gates
  • Provide prop-open alerts
  • Records detailed information of each visitor entry and/or exit
  • Allow for live, on-demand or scheduled photos (CellCam) and gate opening/closings
  • Are solar friendly
  • Allow for tracking and logging of unique access codes for each visitor
  • Can be controlled by a smart phone app and managed by the easy-to-use TrueCloud web portal

These Are the Products Chosen Most Frequently for Oil & Gas Properties:

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