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Office & Commercial Properties

Keeping people and assets safe

Keeping an office or commercial property secure while simultaneously providing access to appropriate personnel can be a high-stakes business. Whether a property has high degree of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, or it is a rarely visited location, making sure the correct people are granted timely access while simultaneously keeping out unwanted visitors is a must.

In addition, having easy-to-use, detailed electronic and photographic records of all access-related events is critical in case of suspicious activity or a known security breach, and simply to increase peace of mind that the people and assets in your care are well-protected.

Cellgate has modern, customizable access control solutions for almost every office or commercial application. More importantly, these solutions are easy to use and simple to manage for security administrators.

With a Cellgate Access Control Solution You Can:

  • Control who has entry access to vehicle and pedestrian gates
  • Integrate with existing card reader and fob systems
  • Have detailed electronic records of all access point activities by date, time and user
  • Have photos taken with all access attempts
  • Add external cameras to provide a higher level of security in key areas
  • Receive text or email notifications of access attempts
  • Manage the access control system from an app or the TrueCloud web portal

These Are the Products Chosen Most Frequently for Office & Commercial Properties:

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