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Multi-Tenant Properties

A Modern Security Solution that Appeals to Residents & Community Managers Alike

One of the many advantages of living in a multi-tenant residential property—whether it be an apartment complex, a high-rise building or a gated single-family home community—is that it provides residents with added security when it comes to who is allowed to access the property.

The job of securing such properties can often be quite complex because of the volume of residents or service technicians coming and going each day, the need to fortify multiple entry points on the property, and the fact there may be multiple entry types as well (vehicle gates vs pedestrian gates vs internal doors such as those to a clubhouse or fitness center).

It is critical that any access control system installed for a multi-tenant property be easy to utilize for its residents, while simultaneously being easy to administrate for the community’s management personnel.

With a Cellgate Multi-Tenant Property Solution You Can Have:

  • A single access control solution that can combine vehicle entry, pedestrian gate and internal door access requirements
  • 1500 directory listings per system
  • QR Code visitor management
  • SmartScreen call management
  • Up to 9 contacts can be called per resident/tenant, increasing the likelihood a visitor reaches someone that can grant entry
  • Optional add-on external cameras for added security, if needed
  • Easy-to-use credential data import tools that make new system setup simple for community managers
  • A variety of admin tier levels for community management staff, ensuring the right people have access to just the areas they need to utilize

Installed by Electrical Contractors Inc, Mundelein,IL https://eci-illinois.com/

These Are the Products Chosen Most Frequently for Multi-Tenant Properties:

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