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Farms & Ranches

Protect your remote property

Unlike traditional gate access control systems, CellGate’s combined cellular and internet technologies deliver a system that can be controlled by the landowner from virtually anywhere. So if you need to remotely monitor a ranch or farm property, or simply want more convenience when it comes to controlling access to your property, CellGate has a solution for you.

Each time a visitor’s uses your assigned code to enter or leave the property, the CellGate system creates a detailed record, including the identity of the gate accessed, the time and date, access code used, and the caller ID of any phone used to send the command. Your account will also tell you whether the gate is open or closed.

Additional functionality you can receive with CellGate products include:

  • Unlimited, custom access codes
  • Time-stamped photos
  • Gate activity alerts via text or email
  • Web log of all activity
  • Prop-open alerts
  • On-demand or scheduled gate control
  • Solar or AC power
  • Cellular transmission

Below are images from active cellgate installations

These types of gate access photos can be texted to your smart phone or emailed to you in real time with one of Cellgate’s camera-based products. These images–along with all call logs and manual keypad codes entered–are also stored in our web-based portal for 6 months for you to review as needed.