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QR Code Visitor Management: Virtual Keys

QR Code visitor management is a feature available with all Watchman multi-family models, including: the Watchman WXL/WXL2, Watchman W480/W482 and Watchman W461/W462 models.  

QR Code visitor management allows for the provision of Virtual Keys, which provide a trackable, more secure and convenient way to manage visitor entry than access codes.  Virtual Keys can be sent via smart phone or email, and are simple for visitors to utilize at visitor entry points on a property.

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QR Code Visitor Managment 

Watchman QR Code Keys are ideal for any vistor(s) who needs
recurring access or for one time events.

Key Features


Choose an Individual Key or Temporary Event Key based on type of visitor access required (recurring or one-time event)

Increased Security

All QR Code Keys refresh when used, eliminating screen shot sharing

Administrator Control

Administrators choose which users and/or residents are allowed to create QR Code Keys

Simple to Issue

QR codes can be created/issued in the CellGate app or via TrueCloud Connect

Eliminate Code Sharing

QR Code Keys reduce the need for more easily shared access codes

Tracking Logs

TrueCloud Connect logs every QR Code Key issued & every usage attempt, including picture of visitor

How It Works

Choose the QR Code Key Needed

Need recurring access based on date, time of day or # of uses?
  • Are only shared with ONE VISITOR
  • Are limited by day, time & number of use restrictions set up by the property manager or resident
  • Are good for anyone who will need recurring access

Ideal for: dog walkers, landscapers, pool cleaners, regular babysitters, trash pickup

Have a one time event with multiple visitors?
  • Can be shared with MULTIPLE VISITORS
  • Have a start date & time, and time limit from 1-hour to 7 days unrestricted
  • Valid for entire time window allotted
  • Are good for one-time events

Ideal for: parties, one-time visitors, movers, events