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CTE-Cellular Telephone Entry

Press A Button To Dial Up To Three Pre-programmed Numbers


The CellGate Cellular Telephone Entry System conveniently lets you screen visitors at your entrance from wherever you may be—at your home, office, grocery store, or even on-vacation halfway around the world. The system requires no phone lines or trenching, and therefore has no line-of-site issues so that you enjoy a true wireless (cellular) and cost-effective system.

Your guest pushes the call button on the keypad, and the CellGate CTE can call up to 3 phone numbers (land line or cellular) simultaneously. Voice mail and answering machines do not interrupt the routing of calls. The first person to answer is connected to the keypad, which is equipped with a two-way speakerphone. If the first group of numbers does not answer, the CTE will call up to three more numbers. You can also open the gate from your smart phone, anywhere you may be, without someone being actually present at the gate.

The UNIFY CTE-U310 is fully programmable online from any PC or tablet, or directly at the keypadkeypad. Activity reports available from the web-based portal show what phone number answered a call, if the gate was opened, as well as recording missed calls.

A multi-tenant Cellular Telephone Entry version is available to serve up to ten contacts. When the button is pushed, a directory list is spoken, and the person at the gate inputs a 0 (zero) through 9 in order to request entry.

As with all of CellGate’s Unify Series products, the CTE-U310 Cellular Telephone Entry system can work as its own system, or be integrated to work with a CWE Cellular Wiegand Entry System or an HDC Cellular HD Camera.

Messoa_License_PlateWORKS WITH OUR CELLULAR CAMERA OPTIONS. Or you may prefer a stand-alone camera system to monitor gate activity, outdoor equipment, barns and sheds, or other areas.



Program numbers remotely via easy-to-use web interface


Call one number or multiple numbers simultaneously


Web log of all activity


No trenching or phone lines


Set up phone numbers via web site


Solar compatible (uses 12V DC or AC)


CellGate’s UNIFY Series is a group of access control products designed to work indicidually or to be integrated as needed.

Cellular Wiegand Entry – CWE

Cellular Telephone Entry – CTE

Cellular HD Camera – HDC


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