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We are known for providing industry-disrupting technology, products and services that are changing the landscape of the access control marketplace.

Below are some of the groundbreaking features and functionality that we offer in our products, that are simply unmatched by competitors. Get your own CellGate access control solution, and you will see why “This Changes Everything.”

#1 – Live Streaming Video
from the Gate

We are the first and only company offering live streaming video in a cellular access control solution.

#2 – Leading Product Innovation

We have a full line of cellular access control solutions for every property & budget.

Every Watchman product has functionality that competitors simply cannot match with price point and feature options for every property owner.

#3 – Products That Work on Both Verizon
and AT&T LTE Networks

We are the only company that offers a complete line of cellular access control solutions on Verizon; AT&T and Verizon are the largest cellular networks in America.

#4 – Ability to Integrate External Cameras

Since 2010, we were the 1st and still only company offering integrated external cameras in a cellular access control solution. It allows for multiple of views at entry points, to capture license plate and vehicle details, show gate status, different views of visitors, etc.

#5 – Voice Mail Intelligence + Multiple Contacts = Fewer Stranded Visitors

We are the only cellular access control manufacturer that has products with Voice Mail Intelligence; where the system knows to ignore a call if it reaches voice mail, and continues the call tree to find another available party to grant access.

Our access control solutions can call up to 9 numbers simultaneously and sequentially (most competitors can only call a single voice line), meaning fewer stranded visitors.

#6 – TrueCloud Web Portal and Smart Phone App for System Management

TrueCloud is the easiest-to-use web portal in the industry, and it manages all CellGate system functionality. Administrators that manage multiple properties can manage them from a single login. Our smart phone app allows users to grant access to visitors from wherever they are, check gate status, view photos of historical gate transactions, amongst many other features.

#7 – Products Ship with
Live SIMs

Turnkey solution – Live SIMs allow dealers to immediately test and install a CellGate product right out of the box, vs having to call the cellular network and wait for activation or source the SIM themselves. Saves precious time.

#8 – Dedicated CellGate Gold Key Service Team for Setup Assistance

CellGate is the only cellular access control solution that has a dedicated team to assist with multi-family user enrollment setup—makes implementations smoother for property managers and installation dealers.

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