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Hunting Leases

Protect livestock and monitor guests

Whether you own an exotic animal hunting property or run a deer lease, cellular gate control can help you stop trespassers and poachers, or help protect your breeding pens. If you’re a deer lease owner, CellGate can help give you peace of mind knowing your breeding herd is protected and that only authorized visiting outdoorsmen can pursue the big trophy bucks.

One such rancher in south Texas runs 2,700 acres that include a family compound and whitetail deer breeding operation consisting of two deer breeding pens.

The CellGate system acts as “insurance” for the deer breeding operation. For instance, If someone enters but leaves the gate open and the breeding deer escape, the owner can investigate who last came on to the property and hold them responsible for lost deer.

Below are images from active cellgate installations

These types of gate access photos can be texted to your smart phone or emailed to you in real time with one of Cellgate’s camera-based products. These images–along with all call logs and manual keypad codes entered–are also stored in our web-based portal for 6 months for you to review as needed.

“We’ve assigned individual codes to different businesses, specific codes for an oil company and other codes for a feed company. We’ve also assigned codes to different service people, such as the exterminator and the plumber. Some of these codes are long-term and some of them are short-term. It’s easy to activate and deactivate the codes to control access. The online log allows me to see if someone tries to use a code that i have deactivated, which is a signal of unauthorized use.”