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West Charolais Ranch



Security need for registered bulls and heifers

Chain and padlocked main ranch entrance

Owner’s residence not on ranch property


My husband and I have been raising registered bulls and heifers at West Charolais Ranch, located south of San Antonio, Texas, since 1970. Our residence is located about 7 miles from the ranch’s main entrance, and we had been searching for a security system for a while. We used to joke that we’d never get electronic gates, until we were too old to open our gates ourselves. But then, we discovered CellGate. We liked the ease of operation of the system and the flexibility it provided as a security solution for our property and livestock. Charolais Ranch and Gate Equipment Photo

So, we replaced our old chain and padlock with the CellGate Access Control and Monitoring system. One of our favorite features, is the ability to assign an unlimited number of access codes, and that each code can be customized to an individual. Thanks to the system, I can work from home and still know exactly who and when someone goes through the ranch gate, because I get a cell phone call.

For instance, if I’m away from the ranch and my husband’s on his way to unload feed, I don’t have to guess his arrival time or waste my time waiting around at the gate to help. With the CellGate system, he can open the gate from his cell phone. And I can receive a call and know that he (or maybe another authorized person) has entered the gate. It makes the best use of our time. And with increased oil and gas traffic on the highway running next to the gate entrance, we’re much safer being able to remotely open the gate ahead of time, instead of parking our truck and hauler half on to the highway so we can get out and unlock the gate.

This CellGate system delivers the ultimate peace of mind. You know who, what, when, where and if there is a problem. You can even download that data and have documentation. It is simple and intuitive. You don’t have to be a technological wizard to use it. If you can click a box and read what it tells you to do, then you can operate this system.

It is a very effective tool in an era when landowners need to know who is coming and going.

"Thanks to the system, I can work from home and still know exactly who and when someone goes through the ranch gate, because I get a cell phone call. " 
Kristie West

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Benefits Received

  • Create unlimited, customized access codes assigned to individuals.
  • Remotely open ranch gate ahead of time from the cell phone, preventing trailers from unsafely parking on busy highway to open or to close the main gate.
  • Use time more efficiently, because cell phone text alerts received when someone is at the gate. No more guessing and having to leave gate open without supervision.
  • Record all gate activity and output to spreadsheet.